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Good Video about Pharmaceutical Industry

A Pharma representative The focus of the woman’s “confession” is about anti-depressant drugs (which are very controversial), but the the woman goes on to discuss the greed of the Pharma Squeaks out term paper to request to do research at work well Purification. I product. Even these free essay writer online function for […]

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CVS Blacklisting Some Irresponsible doctors in Florida

In an interesting development, CVS is taking action against doctors that irresponsibly prescribe narcotic painkillers.  The company has sent letters to a collection of Florida doctors indicating that it will no longer fill prescriptions for drugs like OxyContin. CVS is probably taking their actions for a variety of reasons.  Not the least of these reasons […]

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The Role of the Family in Prescription Drug Treatment

Nearly 2 million Americans from all walks of life are currently dependent on prescription drugs. The stereotypic image of a drug addict as a young adult shooting up heroin or snorting cocaine has been replaced by the new face of addiction. Today’s drug addict may be someone who holds down a job and has family […]

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Awareness about OxyNEO Addiction

Our team of addiction reporters is here to report and bring further awareness about the highly addictive nature of opiate medications like OxyNEO. OxyNEO is the New Face of OxyContin Purdue Pharma has been harshly criticized (and some executives have been criminally prosecuted) for the release and effects of the drug OxyContin.  OxyContin is such […]

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