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More Info on PDM or Prescription Drug Misuse

Prescription medication misuse –accurately called “misuse” or PDM – by adolescents, early adults and mature adults is a mounting issue in California and the country. Prescription medications that are misused or taken for non-medical motives may change brain activity and cause addiction. Of course, OxyNEO is a frequently misused medication but there are many others […]

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Prescription Painkiller Abuse on the Rise

The use of prescription drugs is on the rise and according to recent surveys the use of medical painkillers has increased by up to 75 percent from 2002-2010. Two of the most popular drugs are Oxycontin and Vicodin and in 2009, more than 15,500 people overdosed on these types of pills. The trend continues in […]

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OxyNEO News and Updates – The Word on the Street

We’re watching the ticker for news about OxyNEO and a few recurring themes are popping up. 1. OxyContin Users are Not Happy With OxyNEO The slow release and apparent stomach irritating formulation of oxycodone known as OxyNEO is apparently not “sitting well” with those who are used to the effects of OxyContin. We’ve been monitoring […]

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