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Dark Web Drug Dealers Say They’ve Banned Fentanyl

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Owners of websites on the dark web say that they’ve decided to voluntarily ban fentanyl, according to the National Crime Agency based in the UK. The “open air” online drug outlets have done this in a bid to avoid additional scrutiny as reports from the US, and the UK show that fentanyl is now causing […]

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Fentanyl and Other Home Made Opiates Invade Canada

The opiate epidemic continues to evolve and Canada has found out the hard way and they are trying to create legislation in order to cope with the new realities as opiates ravage indiscriminately. Liquid Fentanyl Discovered in Canada Fentanyl is now a very popular option for many opiate drug abusers, but the substance is so […]

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OxyNEO News and Updates – The Word on the Street

We’re watching the ticker for news about OxyNEO and a few recurring themes are popping up. 1. OxyContin Users are Not Happy With OxyNEO The slow release and apparent stomach irritating formulation of oxycodone known as OxyNEO is apparently not “sitting well” with those who are used to the effects of OxyContin. We’ve been monitoring […]

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